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Southern Savonia

How do I book a Kela taxi in Southern Savonia?

The dispatch number for booking a Kela taxi in Southern Savonia is 0800 306 600. Customers with a hearing or speech impairment can book a taxi by sending a text message to 18148.

Southern Savonia: Enonkoski, Hirvensalmi, Juva, Kangasniemi, Mikkeli, Mäntyharju, Pertunmaa, Pieksämäki, Puumala, Rantasalmi, Savonlinna and Sulkava

Southern Savonia free Kela taxi number:

0800 306 600

  • Price for the call 0 €
  • You can receive Kela compensation for a trip ordered form this number
  • Book your taxi by 2 p.m. the prvious day. The number works 24 hours a day.
  • Text message number for customers with hearing or speech impairment  18148.

Hoe to order a Kela taxi

1 Before the trip

How to order a Kela taxi

Book a taxi at 0800 306 600

  • The call is free of charge.
  • Only the trips booked from a Kela taxi number can be reimbursed and make you eligible to only pay the copayment, which is 25 euros at the most.
  • Book a taxi no later than the day before the trip by 2 pm.
  • Book a taxi from this number also when you need a taxi with a short notice.
  • You can book all your known trips and return trips for the following 2 weeks at the same time.
  • Book a return trip at least 1 hour before the departure time if the time of the return trip is known.
  • Booking calls are recorded to improve the quality of service. If necessary, Kela can also verify the booking details afterwards. The information you provide during the call is not used for other purposes than organising the trip and processing the reimbursement at Kela. The controller referred to in the Personal Data Act is Kela.

State during the call

  • Your name and personal identity code
  • Whether you are booking the trip due to your health condition or traffic conditions
  • The address where the car will pick you up
  • Destination of the trip (e.g. hospital)
  • The time by which you must arrive at the care unit
  • Do you have any assistive equipment or are you accompanied by an escort
  • The phone number from which you can be reached

You will be given the estimated time of arrival of the vehicle

  • If there are any changes to the taxi trip you have booked, you should immediately notify the dispatch number.
  • At the latest, you must notify about the changes 2 hours before the agreed departure time.
  • if you wish, you will receive a text message notification when the vehicle has accepted the trip.


2 During the trip

Show the driver your Kela card or an identity document

3 After the trip

Ask for the SV 67 form

  • If you need a taxi due to your health condition, ask for a certificate from the health care services (the SV 67 form).
    • Keep the written certificate of a one-time trip for 6 months from the date of trip. Kela can request it later.
    • Submit a certificate proving your eligibility to a long-term taxi use to Kela.
  • If a health care employee books your return trip, you do not need the SV 67 form.

Familiar taxi driver

  • Certain customer groups have a right to a familiar taxi driver. For more information on a right to a familiar taxi driver https://www.kela.fi/web/en/transport-by-taxi.
  • A requirement for arranging a familiar taxi driver after 1 July 2018 is that the service provider arranging Kela-reimbursed taxi trips can assign a familiar taxi driver to the customer.
  • To arrange a familiar taxi driver, contact our dispatch centre at 0800 41 5710 in the Pirkanmaa region.
  • If you have a familiar taxi driver, you can continue with the same driver after 1 July 2018, provided that the driver is our Kela transport contracting partner.
  • If you are looking for a familiar taxi driver, contact our Kela taxi service (the numbers above).

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